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You could feel the tension in the air. This was the big day, and everyone was on edge. Marines just to the north of us just finished the largest Taliban clearing operations in the Afghanistan war. I am pretty sure they were pissed about it too.

This was election day 2009, and it was the first time, in a long time that Helmand Province had held a presidential election. This was the Taliban’s home land.

The phone rang, I hesitated because I knew somebody important was calling. So I picked up and said:

“This is the Lt. Colonel’s desk.”

“This is Colonel Mack the G3 of operations over at Leatherneck. What’s your name?” He asked.

“I’m Corporal Cornwell” I answered somewhat sheepishly.
In that “I’m a much more confident man than you” sounding voice he replied:

“Nah that’s bullshit, your name is Colonel Cornwell now because you’re the man who is handling this drop off.”

This is how a lot of the war went.

A 23 year old, doing things probably inappropriate for a 23 year old to do. He told me that within 5 minutes, the election ballots were going to come in on a pair of CH-53 heavy duty lift helicopters. There was no time to sit around. I hung up the phone and ran out to the landing zone unprepared for what was coming next.

The colonel of our team turned to me and shouted over the oncoming sound:

“The LZ is too hot for the birds to stick around. They’re going to drop out of the sky. We gotta get the ballots off asap so they can get the hell out of here.”

Yesterday, I was staring down Afghanistan warlords and now, I’m a logistician without a clue.


Just as he said, they nearly fell out of the sky in an instant, so I darted out there and help pull the boxes off. The moment I stepped off the helicopter with the last box, you could hear them cranking up the engines to get up and out.

“Holy shit they weren’t kidding!!!” I yelled.

There was no time to run. If we didn’t do something these ballots were going to go everywhere. So we jumped on the ballots, and prayed like hell.

When the largest helicopter in the US arsenal is taking off six feet above you, the winds are easily double as powerful as category 5 hurricane. I started yelling for dear life, when my friend flipped over, and the boxes he was on were slung 100 miles an hour to the side.

They were up and gone. The dizzying reverberations had ceased, and I was laying on the ground try to catch my breath.


Marines I served with. I’m second from the left.

"Hey Mike it’s show time!"

I was day dreaming. 10 years had passed, and it seemed like yesterday. Looking around, I realized I’m sitting in a cubical, on the phone waiting to give a presentation that our team had been waiting for 6 months to give. This was the shot we needed to secure our contract, and I was the point man, the person who this was all riding on.


45 minutes later we got our answer.

“I love this. We can we start?”

I could hear the fist pumping across random cubes in the office and kudos started pouring in across our private chat channel. We did it.

Taking a deep breath, I leaned back in my office chair, and considered how different my life was now. After the dust settled, my boss called me as he often did for an after action discussion.

“We really appreciate your leadership. This would not have happened without you pushing for all this time.”

It’s crazy to think about how things have truly changed in such a short time period.

How did a quiet guy, who was picked last in sports and had few friends, become a MVP, have an abundance of friends, and become the leader?

But this isn’t about me.

I am writing this for you AND your children.

If you are seeing this page right now it means that you care about where your children are going and you think about how you might transition to the next stage in your life as a parent.

There is something that you need to hear about your kids that nobody has told you

I am assuming your children are between the ages of 18 and 29.

At the time of writing this, I am 37 years old and I sit between the age of you and your children. I have just gone through the period they are starting AND just after.

I don’t need to tell you, because you know already, but this is the age that sets the direction of where their life is going to go.
This is the most important age for building foundational skills.

Are they going to waste this time, or are they going to make the best use of it?

Are they going to avoid life by being shy, or are they going to build skills and develop a vision for their life?

This is the era where the cost of following the herd is going to be dramatic...

This isn’t like yesteryear. Right now the 2020s are looking a lot like the 1920s. Depression, poverty, war, scarcity.

But it’s actually worse than that, because social cohesion is much lower now. Not just here, but everywhere.

What I’m trying to tell you is this is actually the era of leadership. This is the era where your children, unlike previous generations, are going to be truly tested.

And what I want to tell you, with all sincerity, is…

Your child can become the leader.

I don’t say this to act like a 90s soccer mom who thinks everyone gets a trophy. I am saying it because I’ve experienced it when nobody thought it was possible.

Everyday, I see the conditions of leadership becoming a bit easier and more important.

But this has a dark side. The penalties for not stepping up to lead are becoming greater.

Nobody is coming to save your kids, and it’s going to be a lot harder than you think, for you to do something about it.

This is why I created the Leadership Academy.

My name is Mike Cornwell and I help people transform into leaders. Especially parents and their 18 to 29 year old kids.

Most people do not understand why people do actions, behaviors and beliefs. Let alone what you can do about it.

I started learning these skills during my time in the US Marine Corps, especially when I collected political intelligence in Afghanistan. Eventually I wrote a leadership book.

Leadership isn’t just a skill for the “managers” or the “bosses”, it’s actually the most natural human skill, responsible for success or failure for all of us.

What would it be like if your child set a vision, took charge, learned real skills and accepted no excuses?

I decided to created The Leadership Academy after it became clear to me that.

  • I wasn’t the only one who thought leadership is a position that is given to them and until it’s “my turn” I’ll continue to be irresponsible.

  • The most fundamental human skill responsible for greater success and failure is not taught in households, nor in schools, nor at work.

  • The next generation is unprepared for having to fully live through the mess that has been created and left for them.

In the next 10 years do you think your child is going to experience this?

Wanting to get a good job, but not putting in enough effort to apply.

Wanting to get practical skills, but spending all their time looking online instead of doing.

Verbal and political abuse at work by stressed out confused people and instead of standing up for what’s right, just rolling their eyes and letting it happen.

Wanting to buy a house or a property, and thinking they can never afford to.

We have all had these experiences and missed opportunities.

And you know what, these missed opportunities lower our trajectories of what we will achieve.

What’s different is the person who has been trained in leadership and practical real skills. Such kind of person naturally filters to the top because they are capable of doing what others only dream about.

They leave other people gravitating to them, asking them questions, seeking their advice.

Have you ever experienced someone 20 years older than you asking YOU for advice?

They do when you’re the leader.

Are you ready for your child to truly graduate?

Think it sounds too good to be true? Keep reading because you’ll see that I am GUARANTEEING you its real.

I have seen myself transform from a powerless “I’m doing it on my own” person to a person who is highly respected in the fields of growing food, technology, relationships and leadership.

This was no accident.

In fact what changed was studying leadership, and then applying leadership lessons and mindset to every challenge and idea that I could.

As a result, I enjoy a higher social status, I have a clearer understanding what I and others must do, and have more opportunities than I can shake a stick at.

If you think that your child has the potential or you would like your child to transform into a leader this might be the most important page that you have ever read because I am going to show you how they can become the leader, and change both their destiny and your family’s destiny’s forever.

Welcome To The Leadership Academy.

I grew up like many people in the suburbs. I skateboarded, hung out with friends, and did just good enough in school to pass. But once I got out in the real world, all of a sudden the skills that I had learned, and the life understandings that I had come to know, turned out to be completely useless.

Life can be very hard when you are a slave to a job, to get money, so you can buy the things that you need.

I had no vision for growing food, for becoming truly independent, let alone leading a group of people out in the real world.

Founder Mike Cornwell, the days of being asleep long past.

But one day everything changed. I had a leadership awakening.

I started studying leadership and applying it everywhere. I would talk about leadership until I was blue in the face. I’ll admit, for awhile I felt like a phony, but then I started to see things happen to me that I didn’t see happen to anyone.

I took a job and near instantly became the most valuable person in the job. I became friends with every single person on the team and developed an amazing working relationship with the boss.

Instead of being a person who was “awaiting the orders”, I was the person suggesting what we should do to be successful, and providing the confidence and clarity for us to succeed.

I thought this was a fluke, until I did this two more times and tripled my already high income.

I am not special. They can do it too.

There are just things that I understand, clearly about how people operate and a leader’s purpose in the universe.

Everything I know is learnable. In fact, once someone sees what I lay out “it all just starts to make sense”.

It’s not that hard, but it just requires a bit of explaining and doing.

Eventually it turns into habit, and you begin to do what is necessary, and not just what is comfortable.

You’re probably asking yourself right now, what exactly is The Leadership Academy.

The leadership academy shows young adults (18-29 years old) how to become leaders through a pure education on influence that is reinforced with practical skills on taking responsibility for oneself and others.

The Leadership Academy is our company (Sanctuary Leadership)’s online school for two things.

  • Practical Skills

  • Leadership and Influence

You see, the practical skills, serve as something that tangible something that invigorates leadership to happen. It turns out, other people just love doing REAL things. So why not learn how to take responsibility for your own existence, and lead other people to do the same???

Our flagship course is called “The Leadership Awakening”. It is a 6 week, program that is designed to give a person everything that they need to truly become a leader.

It’s well over 20 hours of videos, and it includes practical real life assignments that help think and act like a leader.

While there is theory involved, everything actionable has step-by-step guides so that anyone can learn how to be a leader.

After taking “The Leadership Awakening Course” they’ll know exactly where they need to grow

Vegis grown using our Market Garden System.

Here are SOME of the things that your children will be able to do using The Leadership Academy

  • Grow enough vegetables to live off of the land.

  • Be able to create and grow enough fruit trees to start an industry.

  • Be able to set and cultivate a clear vision of the future, that not only includes themselves but others as well.


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