The Leadership Academy for Young Adults

Real Life, Practical Skills, & Positive Influence

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Learn Real Skills

No fluff, just real life skills!

  • Tactical and strategic influence.
  • Why people will ignore you, and how to turn closed ears into listening ones.
  • How to grow food for a community, even if you don’t own much (any) land.
  • And much more!

Become The Leader

You are called to lead, and destined to become the best version of you. Others are secretly hoping that you’ll take the next big step for them.

This is your time.

Become The Leader

You are called to lead, destined to become the best version of you, and capable of creating abundance beyond your wildest dreams. 

Others are secretly hoping that you will take the next big step for them.

This is your time.

Join A Community Of Leadership Students

Don’t go it alone. There are many of us, and we’re moving our worlds. When you become a member, you get the benefits that come with a community.

How To Begin Your Leadership Journey:

The Leadership Awakening Course is LIVE!

Did you know that just by respectfully, genuinely, and verbally recognizing someone’s emotional state, you get the chance to positively influence their next move?

This skill is called empathy. It is just one of many powerful (and underrated!) tools that you can use to become a leader.

If you want to become a leader, you have to grow into someone that you can trust.  If you want others look up to you for guidance and strength, or want to know how to truly listen and be listened to, take a look at the flagship course “The Leadership Awakening.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Sanctuary Leadership is a leadership academy where young adults (18-29 years old) learn to become leaders through a pure education on influence that is reinforced with practical skills on taking responsibility for oneself and others.

The academy’s material is focused to greatly expand the leadership and practical skills of 18-29 year olds, however, the content is universal to everyone.

Parents are greatly encouraged to review the material and apply it with their adult children.

Learn leadership and practical skills on your smartphone, tablet, tv or desktop all for one fixed monthly or yearly fee.

Monthly memberships are $97.00 a month. Yearly memberships are $997.00 a month.

Sometimes lifetime memberships are made available for a onetime purchase.

No extra costs, no contracts.

The online academy portion of Sanctuary Leadership is available anywhere at anytime. Sign in with your Sanctuary Leadership account to watch instantly on the web at from a personal computer or any internet-connected device.

You can also download every course video so you can watch it on the go, or in an offline settings.

Sanctuary Leadership monthly memberships are flexible. There are no contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online in 4 clicks. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account at anytime.

Sanctuary Leadership has a library of Leadership and Practical Skills oriented videos and training courses geared to create leaders who can take responsibility for themselves and others.

Build a vision, learn the basics of what makes leadership possible, grow and develop your character, and learn specific tactics and strategies to influence and persuade others to join you.

Learn to grow enough food to feed a community by grafting a commercial from scratch orchard or grow vegetables, even if you don’t own the land. The choice is yours.

Watch anytime anywhere, as much as you want.

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