EASILY And Quickly Graft Hundreds and Thousands Of Fruit Trees WITHOUT Having To Do Endless Research On Grafting Tools & Techniques.

The Easy Grafting System

Learn How To Build a Valuable Legacy For You, Your Children, And Your Whole Community

Total Value: $410
Offer Price: Just $67

What's Inside?

How To Create Abundance "Correctly" With Trees

Abundance and resiliency doesn’t just happen. Its planned and designed from the beginning. This segment on the mindset might be the most important part of this entire video and will likely change the way you see growing in the future.

Grafting: The Basics

Even if you have never grafted, or have only just heard about it, this video is for you.  You will learn everything about the “theory” of grafting, and will be shown in full complete closeup High Definition exactly how grafting works.

The Fruiting Wood: All About Scions

You will learn about different sizing of scion and how to choose what good scion looks like for your needs. You will also learn how to handle and keep it healthy while you wait to graft.

Rootstocks: How to Choose And Care For Them

You will learn all about the “roots” part of the graft. The theory of “dwarfing” and “health” using rootstocks. You’ll understand why we say “theory” when you watch the video. You’ll also learn how to care for the rootstocks while you graft as well as the many pitfalls associated with choosing rootstocks.

All The Tools You Will Need

You are going to need more than knives or grafters. You will come away knowing EVERY single tool (no matter how minor) you will need to do grafting well.

Grafting With a Knife

We show you why you should NOT graft with a knife BUT its an invaluable tool that you need. Grafting with a knife leads to very slow grafting, and very poor graft unions.

Omega Grafting Tool

You will learn what an experienced grafter has to say about this popular tool that you can buy on Amazon. You will see it in action, and you can make your own determinations.

Scionon Hand Shears

You will see why we have fallen in love with the Scionon hand sheers for doing most (but not all) of grafting work. You’ll see the tool in action and decide yourself.

Scionon Guillotine

You will learn why we lean on the Scionon Guillotine for all of our grafts. It is single-handedly the most important tool for grafting trees “at scale”. Watch how this thing makes PERFECT cuts.

Grafting Tape: How To Wrap Your Graft

There are lots of ways to cover your grafts but not all of them are as fast or as easy long term as what we use. We’ll show you how to wrap well.

The Easy Grafting System From Beginning To End

You will see the entire system of grafting put together. Everything from handling and grafting, to marking and recording notes.

You Also Get These Bonuses!

Templates &

Pro Level Record Keeping

Get and stay organized with our excel sheet for keeping track of what and when we grafted trees.

List Of All The Tools

A list of all of the tools mentioned in the video and where you can get them (as of 2023).

Scion And Rootstock Sources

We've been doing this for over a decade now and we've built up a knowledgeable base of who has what. (Scion and Rootstocks). This is our internal list of who we do business with AND we recommend.

Q&A Video

Get Your Next Step Grafting Wisdom

We held a Q/A hour long video with multiple real world questions about grafting. Here are a few:

  1. The Three Biggest Mistakes In Grafting
  2. Can I Store Scion In My Home Fridge With Fruit?
  3. For scion, how small is too small?
  4. How do you graft persimmons?

Home Orchard

How To Grow All The Fruit You Would Need In The Smallest Spaces Possible

It can be really hard to know how to prune trees, especially if you want to maximize your space. We created a manual years ago that makes this VERY easy.

Taught By A Nursery Industry Pro

Meet Your Grafting Instructor

Mike Cornwell started a farm and fruit tree nursery in 2014 that went from grafting 100 trees per year to grafting 2,000 trees per year in 3 years. On his farm of 4 acres, he grew over 500 varieties of fruit, including experimenting with 200 varieties of apples.

Now he lives in Appalachia with his family growing over 180 varieties of apples on just 2 acres and is partnering with the community to install a local apple industry as part of his work with Sanctuary Leadership.

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What You're Going To Get

The Easy Grafting System Video

($100 Value)

Live Grafting Q/A Video

($20 Value)

Record Keeping Excel Template

($20 Value)

Tool List With Suppliers

($50 Value)

Internal Scion and Rootstock Supplier List

($200 Value)

Open Vase Pruning Manual

($20 Value)

Total Value $410

You Only Pay $67

It's Time To Take Action And Make You, Your Family, and Your Community More Resilient. Today!

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