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Sanctuary Leadership's

Leadership Academy

The online Community that Creates Leaders through a pure education on influence reinforced By practical skills on taking responsibility for oneself and others.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Learn Practical Skills

Be Part Of A Strong Community

Become Proficient In The Art And Science of Influence

Be The Leader Today

If you are a parent and / or a young adult then the leadership academy is for you. The core to building a more resilient world, starts with us, the leaders who would be audacious enough to believe that we can make things happen.

In Addition To The Training and Courses Library...

Community Membership Gives You Great Benefits On Your Way To Becoming A Great Leader

Join An Influential Community

Contribute to a growing community of leaders and influence practitioners who are making the world a better and more resilient place. Get support, give support.

Private Chat Server Access

You get immediate access to the private chat server where uncensored, real conversations are taking place. This chat system uses cutting edge cryptography that is orders of magnitude more secure than nearly all other chat systems.

Live Calls Every Other Week

Members enjoy regular live calls and trainings that are geared to the community itself.

Practical Assignments

When you take courses at the leadership academy you get practical assignments that not just "reinforce the material", but create new opportunities in life.

Request Trainings

Need additional robust help that you think we can create a training on? Academy members can request new trainings and will be notified when the trainings are being created and have been finished.

Members Only Discounts

Everything that Sanctuary Leadership offers from physical products, to live events, to 1 on 1 coaching is discounted for academy members.

Offer Price: Just $100 / Month

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